SmartPRO, a part of ProNET Technologies, provides a one stop solution to all your technology needs. We employ the latest technologies available round the world to provide customised solutions to the challenges you face. The cutting edge technology will ensure that you enjoy a seamless experience without getting into it's complicated details. SmartPRO aims to make your life simpler with technology. A team of experienced professionals including instructional designers, project managers, content specialists, graphic designers, creative visualizers, programmers, and quality control specialist' work together to deliver relevant robust solutions at a price point significantly lower than industry benchmarks.


Home Automation

A voice controlled Home automation system to control your entire switches & appliances with your voice & Mobile App

Augmented Reality

See the unseen by overlaying your custom content in the real world through our Augmented reality & Holographic solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Delegate your work to our robots which wil assist you in your tasks eg: Chat bots, Predictive maintainance etc.

3D Models

Provide an Immersive experience by minute detailing of subject matter through 3D models on a Touch Panel

Website / Software Development

Promote your brand by going digital with our device-friendly websites & innovative logo designs

Mobile Application Development

Provide one touch solutions to your customers through our user friendly cross platform mobile apps

Technology Workshop & Sessions

Expand your skill set through our certification programs on Website & Mobile app devlopment, Cyber security, IoT, Artificial intelligence etc.

Tracking & Surveillance Systems

Experience live tracking of your vehicles, school bus, goods etc. with our state of the art GPS & supply chain tracking systems